Jarrett Bay

Jarrett Bay is located in the eastern part of Carteret County, NC near the towns of Smyrna, Williston, and Davis and about 18 miles from Beaufort and Morehead City. It opens into Core Sound and is only a few miles from Cape Lookout.

The Latest News About Our Farm

This is our new pontoon boat which we use as a working barge for sorting oysters and storing supplies,


December,  2015


The farm now has a pontoon working platform, a cooler for transporting the oysters, and a new partner to help in the distribution of the oysters.  PATE DAWSON Southern Foods is now distributing our oysters all over North Carolina from the mountains to the sea through Dave Forcinito and his staff at PDC.  Ask for Jarrett Bay Oysters whenever you go to an oyster bar.  You will be more than pleased with the taste and salinity of our oysters


Another 1000 bags and 2000 bouys have now arrived and we can expand our operation once again.


We are happy to tell you that Kolby Martin  has been a big help to us in harvesting and other operations on the farm.


We added another 277,000 spat to the farm to keep our supply going.  We hope to add more in the late winter or early spring.


We have learned a lot during this 1st year.  We also have a lot to learn.



PDC Chain

With our new partner

PATE DAWSON Southern Foods, we are able to have our oysters distributed to restaurants across North Carolina.

Our new cooler trailer for delivering the oysters. Developed at NC State for the agriculture/aquaculture industry, it is called a "PACK-N-COOL". You can see it on YouTube at:

How to eat an oyster.

A humorous an educational video on YouTube.  Copy and paste this in your address box.



Back in the late 1700's the Coast Guard did a survey of North Carolina waters and found that Jarrett Bay offered the finest oysters that had been seen on the East Coast. With that tradition in mind, we decided to start an oyster farm, growing them on the surface of the water with bags and buoys attached to lines.